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Traditionally used by furniture makers, bamboo has more recently been rediscovered as an exciting new source of fabrics.

Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft with a silk-like feel, but is more durable and can be produced at a lower cost than silk. 

Bamboo fabric is viscose produced from the pulp of the leaves and inner part of the bamboo trunk. The individual fibres are filled with tiny holes and gaps making the fabric extremely absorbent and breathable – up to three times that of cotton.  The bacteria-resistant qualities of bamboo fabric resists odours and makes bamboo fabrics more hygienic than many other fabrics. These fibres are also hypoallergenic, making the fabric non-irritating  perfect for those with sensitive skin conditions.

We're excited about the benefits of bamboo for the bedroom and bathroom. If you're new to bamboo products we're sure that you'll soon be converted!

Producing Bamboo Fabric

The main species of bamboo used to produce fabric is moso bamboo - not the type consumed by pandas!

To produce bamboo viscose, bamboo fibres are pulped until they form a thin pulp, which separates into thin threads. These threads are then spun into a yarn which is used for weaving. At the spinning stage, other materials such as silk or cotton can be added if required.

After processing the yarn is strong and durable with a very smooth surface.

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